Mojo Rising

Mojo Rising
Event on 2015-08-15 08:00:00

An intimate and empowering one day seminar from the creator of the DELFIN Seminars, Leslie Fieger. Leslie is the author of several books. Visit his website at 

This is a unique seminar that focuses on a Systems Thinking approach to the personal creation of success. Come prepared to adopt a radical new way of looking at your ability to effectuate personal change and create success. You will not only be inspired, you will learn a simple step-by-step system to the creation of success. This is a personal empowerment day like no other.

Comments from attendees at some of Leslie's previous seminars…

"I can honestly say that Leslie's seminar was the most profound experience of my life to date."

"This seminar has expanded my consciousness to see the big picture of life. I feel a renewed passion to achieve my dreams and be the director and master of my own destiny."

"Some things are subtle like when you are growing up and don't fit into the same old body anymore and start tripping over things. Well, Leslie's seminar has made my spirit bigger. I think that there are only two words for what I felt. Thank You."

"Previous seminar work in other arenas, valuable as it was, never succeeded in having me see my existence in terms other than the smallness of life as it unfolds. Leslie Fieger has made available the resources to allow me to take that understanding and then allow me to experience my place in the grand scheme of things."

Red Cow Complex Naas Road Dublin 22 Republic of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

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