DeSean Jackson: King Kong Ain't Got Nothing on Him?

DeSean Jackson: King Kong Ain't Got Nothing on Him?
Washington Redskins wide-out DeSean Jackson places himself in a class above the rest, and not even Revis Island can halt him (so he says). No New York Giants fan can forget what Philadelphia Eagles' fans have dubbed “The Miracle at the New …
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From King Kong to Star Wars, watch the world's dodgiest special effects
While you may have spent much of your cinemagoing summer being wowed by blockbuster-level special effects, not every movie comes to the screen with such impressive visuals. So let's spare a thought for some of those dodgy shark attacks, rubbish …
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Hisense King Kong review: Works for adventurers and butterfingers alike
Walking around with King Kong in your pocket does not sound like a particularly pleasant experience, but those envisioning something bulky, beastly and temperamental are in for a surprise. Most of us have had a hairy moment or two with our smartphones, …
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